Bespokepost- Great website to keep you hip and current

Guys check out this hip new webite called Bespokepost. These guys
will keep you current in all the things you need to know to be the true
modern gentleman.  It is easy, just log on each month, to keep up with
the latest trends and decided if you would like to purchase the box
awesome of not.  

So speaking of the box awesome, this months I got to chance to consult
on the ultimate kit and shot a video demonstrating how to make 3 of
your favorite classic cocktails.  Here is what you will get in the box:

This month, we provide you the tools required to create the perfect cocktail. You’ll find these same Japanese-inspired wares in the depths of NYC’s Prohibition-style lounges. And now we offer them to you:

1) Boston Shaker: Classic 2-piece cocktail shaker

2) AG Hawthorne Strainer: 4-prong strainer with some added weight

3) Jigger: 1oz/2oz, Japanese-style with inner measurements

4) Barspoon: Teardrop pattern, perfectly balanced, 30cm long

5) XL Ice Cube tray: 2-inch square, slow-melting ice cube tray

6) Angostura bitters: The quintessential bitter

I hope you enjoy your box of Awesome!



~ by duffontherocks on February 14, 2012.

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